Seven Color Jade

The Seven Color Jade

All of the Jade Collections are Hand-Crafted with our exclusive Seven Color Jade. These works of art are one of kind.  This Jade has stunning combinations of  Serpentine and Actinolites found inside this Nephrite jade. These are some of the only vases in the world made out of Jade. 

The Unique Process: Each vase begins as a weathered stone with various veins of color. The stone is then cut into blocks to meet specified dimensions. Each vase is hand carved on a lathe and the center is cored. Once carved, the vase is polished and glazed with an acrylic to enhance the shine, then heated to set the acrylic and enhance the stone's natural color. 

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  • This Jade vase starts from one solid piece of nephrite jade with colors conisting of serpintine and actinolite jades creating beautiful truly one of kind strations of color from every side.   This vase measures 16 inches in height and 12 inches in width. ..